Police raid in czech growshops

by Corespondent in Prague Petr Kozak

In Czech rep., there have been police raids since 4th of November until today. The main reason is supposed spreading of toxicomania. Together, there were checked nearly 100 business and private places. Since today, there were 45 people accused and next 32 people are suspicious in these cases. The police raid didnt stop last week, it will continue in next days and weeks.

The czech police published this week summary of this bust and show some cards for this terrible type of poker. Police spokes(wo)man Colonel Mgr. Ivana Jezkova told, that police confiscated goods like substrates, hydro pots, fertilisers, fans, seeds, headshop etc. Police also found 16 growing rooms in private places of owners of the shops and they find 11 kg of weed. The goods, object of bussiness will go under professional expertise.

The bust is by czech police led like more than 50 unique cases and these case are :
”aimed on criminal act called spreading toxicomany, which is based on offering and public promoting materials which are propagating growing and using marijuana. Also offering manuals and guides for growing, supplying tools for growing including seeds and manuals for next manufactory and using it in the way, to get the biggest psychoactive effect of THC on user”

Police also said, that the number of growing rooms in czech republic is hugely rising last years. Together with this rise, also number of shops (normal and eshop) which offer growing technologies for indoor cannabis growing, is rising too.

In October 2012, The Highest Court of Czech republic made a concrete ruling about one small growshop from North Bohemia which offers growing tools, seeds and manuals incl. Newspapers. The Highest Court told something like: “You cant sell on one place these three things. If you have it, you are spreading toxikomania”. Owners of the growshop receive suspended sentence 18 months. By this act (although czech rep. dont use a precedentnial law system), is now police acting.

So, police aimed on majority of owners of the shops and sellers, who fill the merit of the criminal act of toxikomany. By the police interpretation, everybody who tempts or support or stimulate other person for using addictive substance except alcohol, is spreading toxikomany. Also the person, who made the same by press, movies, radio broadcast, tv channel, website or other easy way, is spreading toxikomany too.

Police describes growshops like shops:” in which can customers buy everything what they need for growing, manufacturing and aplication of drug called marihuana. The medium of this focus is in majority of cases selling of seeds with declarated THC, spreading advert flyers, different supply catalogues, promo things with logo of cannabis leaf and also supply of many machines and tools for growing cannabis (fertilisers, substrates, technologies of light, irrigation, big coal filters) and goofs which is used for application (inhalatiaon) – cigarette papers, water bongs, filters, grinders etc. These growshops also run own websites and webforums. Marijuana growers are using these forums and exchange informations about maximalisation of quality of production and discussing about hiding. Growshops supply disclose guiding and stimulating informations for wide public. Together with moral support and mainly equipment for illegal acting. Illegal acting in this case means growing of cannabis, which can have more than 0,3% THC.”
The situation is still in process, they closed another growshops this week and it seems they will continue.

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